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Sejarah Desa Dukuh Semar Kota Cirebon

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

Udah lama baru ngeblog lagi, jadi waktunya tersita dengan tugas2 kuliah hehe..
Kali ini saya akan menceritakan sejarah Desa Dukuh Semar Kota Cirebon yaitu tempat dimana saya tinggal, dengan di translate ke Bahasa Inggris. Langsung saja kita menuju ceritanya.
Peta Desa Dukuh Semar, Kec. Harjamukti Kota Cirebon
               Before the birth of Dukuh Semar village, formerly was still a wilderness. In the east there is a time / many rivers surrounded by plants Pouch Semar, and now the plant is gone from its civilization to the present river is utilized by the local people as the remnants of the output residue disposal tempeh.

Formerly the village is only a reed vast wilderness untouched by man. So instructed by the city government in the wake of Cirebon to a village, the inhabitants were from the next village, so residents in large bongdong occupy this place.

At the beginning it is said he was in the village live by ki semar, this story deals with the Kesultanan of Cirebon. Semar figure present to affirm the importance of the role of religion in life. Religion plays awaken people and bring them into the light. Semar figure is also the symbol of the Koran as the word of the Divine which is very important, in which it has several fundamental objectives, namely :
(1). Clean the mind and cleanse the soul of all forms of shirk
(2). Creating a just and civilized humanity
(3). Creating unity of nature, both physical and metaphysical nature and many more destinations taken by the figure of Semar puppet stage. 

Origin of name Semar Hamlet himself dealing with Syekh Nurjati, Syekh Nurjati ordered prince  Walangsungsang to open the township, when he arrived at a place of fun, she say fa amma jamarin samarin Sirri, my feelings are real excited about that place is called Gunung Sari and Dukuh Semar. (end)

Sekian tentang Sejarah Desa Dukuh Semar Kota Cirebon semoga dapat bermanfaat..

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